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Here are some hints and tips for using the printables.
I am no expert and certainly have no training in this field. All I can advise on is what I have learned over the years.

I have tried to answer all of the frequently asked questions.

How do I save the printables?
Hold your mouse over the image that you want to save and >right click> select 'save image as' to save the printable wallpaper in your computer. Make sure you remember where you save the printable.
How do I print the wallpapers and other printables?

I can't answer too many questions about printers because they are all different.
It is wise to set the preferences at the highest setting to get the best quality printable. As well when you are setting the printer preferences make sure that you have have the page set up correct.

What paper do I use to print out the wallpaper?
I use cardstock for printing both the wallpaper and the little boxes.
What is cardstock?

Cardstock is about the thickness of greeting cards, you can buy a package of cardstock at most stationary stores
You can learn more at
wisegeek .com


Do I need to seal the printable?

Yes you do need to spray your printout with a sealer ,in order preserve the ink. Give the ink a few minutes to dry and then spray the printable with a sealer. You can buy spray sealer in both a glossy and a matte finish. You would definitely want to use a matte finish for the wallpaper, for the little print and fold boxes of cereal etc., you may want to use a glossier spray. If you don't mind having a bit of a sheen on your printie, you can use hairspray as an inexpensive sealer.

Be sure to spray both sides of the cardstock.

What is Sealer?


Sealer clear coating that preserves maps, documents, prints, etc.

Where Can I buy Sealer?


You can purchase spray sealers for crafts at most hobby shops. If you are in a location where you don't have access to hobby shops it is easy to find on the Internet. Below are links just a couple of brands.

Plaid Spray Sealer
Aleene'sŪ Spray Acrylic Sealer

How do I apply the wallpaper?

For many years I applied wallpaper using an all purpose glue. This works fine as long as you use the glue sparingly and pay close attention to gluing all of the edges.

More recently I have been using a glue stick to adhere the wallpaper to the dollhouse walls. I find this method works very well, quick and easy with no drying time. You have to make sure that all of the edges are well glued.


Where can I buy a glue stick?


You can purchase a glue stick for less than a dollar,I have found them in, Michael's Hobby shop, the dollar store, Walmart, almost anywhaere
There are lots of different makes.

Elmers glue sticks

How do I assemble the little printable boxes?


To make up the little boxes so that they are nice and straight you need to lightly score all of the folds, I use the blunt side of a box cutter knife to do this, but anything will do.


What paper do I use to print out the grocery products and gift boxes etc?

I use cardstock for printing both the wallpaper and the little boxes.


Can I use a glue stick to assemble the little printable boxes?


I tried assembling the the printable grocery boxes and gift boxes using a glue stick, but it didn't work for me, I still use glue. I use the glue very sparingly, but sometimes the box gets a little soft from the glue.
It is easier if you don't try to assemble the whole box printable at once. I fold and glue one edge then give that time to dry before I go on to the next side.

Since I usually need more than one printie, I can make them just as quickly by gluing just one side of each box at a time, by the time I get to the last box, the first box is dry enough to glue the second side.

What is the best glue to use?

Any good all purpose glue that dries clear is fine to use.


The printable is bigger than I want it.
How can I make it smaller?

It is easy to make the printable smaller in the Paint program in Windows

Or there are lots of web sites which will shrink the file for you. Here are just a few.



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