Meet my boys.
Tim and Simon.
They let me share the house with them

Simon and Tim.
They were born in 1999, and are brothers from the same litter. The mother of the cats was a Siamese, the father a Himalayan. Kind of a strange cross, as I understand that Himalayans began as a cross between Persians and Siamese. Simon is a longhaired fluffy cat; Tim is a shorthaired cat. Other than that, they are identical.

The mother cat, Miss Kitty, was a very good-natured cat who belonged to a neighbour. I wanted an affectionate cat, so when Miss Kitty got pregnant, I asked for a kitten. I actually got to see the kittens from the day they were born, there were 8 of them. Four of them were longhaired and the other four had short hair. They were all adorable.

It seemed a long wait until the kittens were old enough to leave their mother. I had planned on only one cat, so I took Simon home when he was 6 weeks old. It didn't take more than a week for me to realize that he was lonely at my house. The other seven kittens were still together and, when I visited, I could see that they interacted and played together so much. I felt sorry for Simon, in my house, isolated from his sisters and brothers. So I got another kitten. This time I opted for a shorthaired cat, so that I could tell them apart. His name is Tim.

They are big boys, each weighing in at over 14 lbs, Iwas comforted when the vet said that the are only a little overweight, they are just big boned cats.

An Update Summer 2013

My boycats are still with me and nothing much has changed, we are just all a little older. I am also a little wiser, but I don't think I could say the same about Simon and Tim. Their personalities are still the same. Simon continues to follow me where ever I go. I still walks through wet paint and glue when I am working on minis, and he still opens every cupboard door in the house every day.

Their diet has changed. Their main food for years was Iams dry cat food, they thrived on it. Sadly both cats lost some teeth and can no longer chew the hard cat foot. My first idea was to wet the dried cat food, but they wouldn't eat it. Things got stressfull with the cats bugging all the time for food. It took me close to a year to find something they would eat, I fed them every canned cat food I could find and Simon gets a sick stomach on all them. A nasty messy business. After lots of trial and error I finally settled on home made chicken and rice. I simply boil chicken breasts, add some rice and when it is cooked I puree the chicken in the food processor.
They love it and they are thriving. I also give them some moistened dry kitten food. Simon looks wonderful, his long coat is healthy and beautiful , and he is so much calmer with a full tummy. Timmy is great too, he is very polite still and defers to Simon, letting him eat first. Tim likes to get up on the back of the sofa behind my head. He rests his paw on my head or sometimes washes my hair with his tongue.

Nobody believes me that my cats can talk to me. Even though I have to admit that they can't actually say words, they do have many different mews and meows. The three of us have been together so long now, that I often know what they want, or which cat is asking for something without even looking at them.




Although they appear so much alike, the cats have very different personalities. Simon is very timid outside and prefers to be in the house, where he fancies himself the boss.
Perhaps because Simon was the first kitten I took home, he is very clingy. Wherever I am, there is Simon. We argue daily about this. I trip over him all the time. He wants to be around for jobs like painting and making miniatures, he is never helpful. He is attempting to help me type right now. Simon opens every door on every cupboard and cabinet every single day. If I leave a drawer open, and he dumps stuff out onto the floor. He loves to get into my sewing desk drawers, he scoops out a spool of thread and paws it to the top of the stairs, where he drops it down the stairs, of course this is so that he can chase it. He hasn't yet mastered the art of carrying the spool back upstairs, but no problem, he just goes back to the sewing desk drawer for another.

Simon acts as if he is starved for affection, he always wants to be petted.When I am sitting at the computer he sits on my knee and positions himself so that when I move the mouse, my elbow rubs the top of his head.



Tim is a more independent cat. He loves to be outside. He tries to catch birds and climbs into trees. He isn't all that interested in being around me when I am working, which I really appreciate. He likes to crawl up on my lap [if simon didn't get ther first] when I am at the computer or watching television, but he lies so still, I am hardly aware of him. He never whines for food, but I have noticed that, he pays close attention when Simon is meowing for a treat, and he is right there if something is forthcoming. He is very polite and always lets his brother eat first.
You may find this hard to believe, but Tim is a talking cat.!
When he wants to go outside he calls me
then I say to him,
''Do you want me to open the door?''
''Mwyes' 'he says.
'' Say please.'' I reply
and I swear he says ''Mwplease''.

Both cats are extremely affectionate with me and most visitors. I have noticed that they are most attracted to people who are wearing black, I think they believe that no outfit is complete without some cat hair.

Weird Similarities

You can see from the pictures of them sleeping, that they often are in precisely the same position. What strikes me as really odd is that they frequently both wash the same part of their bodies at exactly the same time. I had had them for a couple of years before I noticed. When I began to take note of this, I was amazed to see that this happens more often than not. I can't get a photograph to prove this, as they never sit closely together when they perform these ablutions.
They wash each other a lot, Simon will plop his paw on Tim's head to hold him still to wash his ears.

Weird Similarities

They both like foods, which you wouldn't think cats would like.
They like tomatoes, bananas, cantaloupes and yogurt to name a few things. I swear that they can smell a banana upstairs in the bedroom, when I peel it downstairs in the kitchen.

Mostly they do not get people food. I keep them on dry cat food and add a tiny can of wet cat food to their diet every few days. They go crazy for canned cat food, but they can act weird about that too. I might give them the same canned cat food 5 times in a row, they love it, they wolf it down in no time and then the next day they won't eat it.
And why is it that they both won't eat it?! I can understand the whims of one cat, but it baffles me that they have the same whims at the same time.

Like all cats, Simon and Tim spend most of their day sleeping.

They play a chasing game together everyday; they charge up and down the stairs and go sliding across the hardwood floor crashing into walls.

Simon favors an old hair curler as a toy. Tim watches Simon play with it, but never has a turn himself. He likes to play with small things like buttons.

They like to be warm, so they refuse to go outside in the winter. They have never stepped in snow. The love to sit in the doorway looking at the snow, I have tried to nudge them out with my foot, but they won't budge, they will almost stand on their head before they will let one little paw step into the cold snow

They have a good life

A warm home, lots to eat and they have me.

I love them to pieces.

My friend says that, perhaps, if we are very good in this life, we get to return to the world as a house cat.


Simon and Tim both died in the Spring 2014.Tim died first and Simon died 5 weeks later. I can't express how sad I felt.
We had been together for 15 years.

I thought that I would not get another pet. Time heals though and in January'15 the sweetest little dog came to live with me. Tess is a miniature terrier mix, she is 8 years old and has been blind since she was two. She had been through a tough time. Her owner had died from breast cancer and Tess started living in a house with 2 other dogs who didn't like her and she began to spend most of her day under a bed. No one was cruel to Tess, she was just in a bad situation. It is not easy to find a home for an 8 year old blind dog. I am so glad that my daughter heard about Tess and thought she would be a good pet for me. We are a perfect match. She is on my knee as I write this. It took us a few weeks to understand each other, Tess quickly gained back the weight she had lost and is thoroughly enjoying life. I am the big winner though, I love Tess so much and she makes me smile so often, honestly, if I had a tail it would wagging just like hers.


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