The Dollhouse Third Floor
The Boy's Bedroom

boys bedroom



In the boy's bedroomthere is a
hamster cage and lotsof other toys
the dinosaurs, stamp album cars etc.
I added the soccer ball which you can
just see sticking out of the toy box (right),
this ball started life as a ponytail tie!

It is hard to see in the photo, but that little bottle
actually has a ship inside.
To say that I am delighted with it would
be an understatement

boys bedroom
shelf made from boat



I bought three of these little boats at a Dollar store
quite a few years ago. It wasn't until I saw a real size
shelf unit shaped like a rowboat, that I thought of using my little
boats for the same purpose.

The little boy in the miniature photograph is my son when he was about 5,
he is showing off the first really big fish he had caught.
The cookie tin on the middle shelf houses
a collection of tiny shells.
The Scrabble game (on the floor lower right)
was actually a package of gum.
My grandsons, now teenagers, were so
thrilled to have found this for me
when they were little boys.
Scrabble is a favorite family game.

I love, love, love this tiny toy train.
It is a recent addition to the dollhouse.
The tracks are actually all separate and
it wouldn't sit straight. To remedy this I glued
them with crazy glue
to some transparent plastic,
and then trimmed off all of the excess plastic.

The carpet is made from some velvet
which was originally a little girls dress.
I buy most of the fabrics for
miniatures at second hand charity shops.

miniature model railroad
toy box closeup

A closer look at the toy trunk.

I especially wanted a soccer ball in honor of my Dad. He loved soccer above any other sport. He was never able to play due to health issues, but he managed local teams both in the UK and in Canada.When I was a single Mum, working three shifts, my Dad was such a big help,each year he signed both of my children up for the local soccer league and took them to all of their games. After my son and daughter became adults, they both told me that they really didn't like playing soccer, they did it for their Grampa.The little basketball is another dollar store find.It is actually an erasure. There is a soccer pennant on the wall above the toy trunk but it is not in the picture.

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The picture over the bed is of the ship my family
took when we emigrated from
England to Canada.
It is the Cunard ship M.V. Britannic in 1957.
Below is a photograph of Mum and me on the ship.


We left Liverpool, England on June 28th 1957 and arrived in NewYork, USA on July 6th. After we departed from Liverpool, my brother and I were anxious to explore the ship, but my Mum stayed at the bow of the ship for a long time, until England was not be seen anymore.
The trip was not all easy, we all were pretty seasick, and it gets boring on a ship after a day or so. They ran the same movie every afternoon, and I watched it every afternoon; Reach for the Sky starring Kenneth More. I can still quote lines from that movie.
It was quite something coming up the Hudson River after over a week at sea. We sailed past the Statue of Liberty and the United Nations building, all the skyscrapers looked so tall!
Oh my, the cars going over the bridge were so colorful compared to the drab colors of British cars at that time, yellow and black, pink and black,white convertibles, everything seemed so modern and flashy.

Mam and me on M.V.Brittanic 1957
Below is a photograph of Mum and me on the ship I was 13.

The wallpaper for the boy's bedroom can be can be found on my
free wallpaper printables website.

The Sewing Room

sewing room

The Sewing Room

The sewing room is in the center of the third floor.
One has to imagine that there are some stairs at the back of this 'room'.

The dollhouse sewing machine is made from a Chrysnbon kit.
The rug in this room is made by braiding yards and yards of embroidery thread, and then glueing lengths of it onto fabric. I made this rug many years before the Internet, now I know of quicker ways to make rugs.

The wallpaper for the sewing room can be can be found on my wallpaper printables website.

The Dollhouse Attic

attic picture 1
The dollhouse attic is filled with all sorts of stuff, Christmas and Hallowe'en decorations, an old wedding dress, a sewing machine, birdcage, suitcases, an outdated gramophone, an old camera.There is a skeleton in the closet.

At the bottom right of the picture there is a wee mouse

On the right side of the attic is the work bench where someone is working on, what else?!

A dollhouse of course.


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On the left side of the attic, Christmas tree lights tumble out of a cardboard box. Ice skates and a tennis racquet hang on the wall.
An old spinning wheel sits in the corner, it is 'threaded' with real wool, which comes from a mill in in Huddersfield, Yorkshire.

My Uncle Gil worked there all his life and gave me a tour of the mill in the late 1980's when I was on a holiday in UK. I love having meaningful things in my dollhouse, even when it is the tiniest scrap of wool.


That's all the photographs of my dollhouse. Thanks for visiting.

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