My Miniature Market
The Greengrocer's Stall


The first photograph shows the Vegetable Market Stall .

Mr. Sinclair has been running the vegetable stand for many years now, as did his father before him.In the foreground you see Reggie laden with Christmas presents.Behind him is a grouchy old doll whom I call Nasty Bill, because I sculpted his face just after I received a nasty bill from Revenue Canada.

Another view of Sinclair's Vegetable Stall. You can see Nasty Bill sitting the behind the vegetable stand, he is always in a bad mood. In the foreground Mr.Scrooge and behind Scrooge you can see Mrs Snooty and her daughter Miss Snooty.


A closer look and Mr. Sinclair's veggies.Above are romaine lettuce and tomatoes. I made most of the vegetables twice. This was the first stall I made for the miniature market,as years went by I learned better techniques for making vegetables so I made most of them again.

more veggies
Potatoes, green beans, onions and apples .
All are made from polymer clay.I would rather make miniature food than anything else
from polymer clay. The process never ceases to delight me. Rather than make enough polymer clay potatoes to fill a sack, I fill most of the sack with dried beans and add the veggies at the top.

Reginald doll with gifts

Reginald is one of the first dolls I made. He is a real character, who loves to joke around. As you can see he has a very generous nature
and always wants to make sure that everyone gets a wonderful gift.

Frank The greengrocer

Mr Sinclair looks like my neighbour, but I didn't do it on purpose. Sometimes when I am finished making the head, I realize that the face I have created is familiar.

Closeup of Mrs Snooty and daughter

Mrs. Rose Snooty and her equally snobbish daughter are two of my early dolls. Mrs. Snooty is modeled after 90 year old lady, Rose,whom I used to care for. She was not a bit snobbish, but liked to make the snooty face and posture to make me laugh. She was still alive when I made the doll and was delighted with it.

Close up Mr Scrooge

This doll is my version of Scrooge. He is hurrying to Bob Cratchett's house with a turkey, I forgot that in the story it was a goose not a turkey.
It is odd but a lot of my dolls look like my Dad at some point in the sculpting process.
Usually when I notice his face smiling up at me, I smile back, but I don't let the resemblance remain. This time I let it stay and he is now forever smiling up at me with that sparkle in his eye

Disney scrooge vs. my scrooge

I watched the Disney animated version of A Christmas Carol recently. I really enjoyed it
I made a miniature doll of Scrooge many years before the movie was made.
I was surprised at the similarities between my vision of Scrooge and the Disney Scrooge.
All the credit goes to Charles Dickens whose description of Ebeneezer Scrooge
is so clear.


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