My Miniature Market
The Fishmonger

The Fishmonger Stall
The Fishmonger's name is Fred, he and his family have been fishing and selling their catch at the market for generations now. Fred is getting on in years so his sons and grandsons are doing most of this fishing these days. Ethel is describing the size of fish she would like to serve at her Christmas Eve dinner, she is going to stuff it and serve with spicy wild rice. The cats are hanging around as usua,l mooching free meal.


Ethel is one of my favourites, I love her little face, some dolls turn out better than others. I am proud of her hands because they are finished on both side which is particularly difficult for me. As well I managed not to break her hands while I was dressing and wigging her, also quite difficult

Fishmonger Fred

Fred has a far-away look in his eye. Perhaps he is happier at sea than he is selling the fruits of his labor on dry land. I made three Sculpey clay cats to hang out at the Fish Stall. I didn't find it too hard to get the shape of the cats, but did not do so well painting themFred's sweater is made from the top of an old sock. People often ask me if I knitted it, but my way is a lot easier.

Fish Table

The fish is all made from polymer clay, as are the cats.
The little shells are real. The bowl of shrimp are also made from polymer clay, I used poppy seeds for the shrimp eyes.
I wanted a clear glass for the ice that all the fish are laying on. I tried automotive glass, but it had a greenish tinge. [ Yes I'll admit it, I picked it up off of the road after a car accident ] I also tried glass from a broken bottle.I wasn't happy with the results of either so I ended up sacrificing a crystal fruit bowl. Crystal makes gorgeous ice, it is so shiny that the ice actually looks wet.



Mr and Mrs Sculpinov

Mr and Mrs Skulptanov have bought some Christmas flowers.These people are a bit of a mystery, they speak English with a strong accent, but nobody knows where they come from. Mrs Skulpinov is very gracious and smiles at everyone, she doesn't say much though. Mr Skulptinov wears a lot of jewellry so we all think they must be very well off.

Louise with Pram

Louise is happy to show off her new baby to everyone at the Miniature Market.
I couldn't find anything the right colour for Louise's hat unti, in desperation, I looked in the gift wrap ribbon box. I found some wired ribbon that matched. It was the easiest hat I have ever made, I simply wound it around my finger and squished it down a bit, it looks quite fashionable.

My Miniature Market
The Bake Table

Bakery Stall

Janet bake table

Janet runs the bake at the market, it is a very busy spot and she usually has sold out by noon. Her pies and cakes are delicious. Her home baked bread rises like a cloud, the plum puddings are rich and gooey, and her cookies melt in the mouth

Trista and tristan

This brother and sister, Tristan and Trista, have been sent by their mother to beg for some day old bread. They stare longingly at the brownies and cherry tarts. Let's hope Janet takes pity on them and gives them some Christmas cookies.


Becky is another regular at the market. With five children at home she is always on the lookout for bargains.Janet at the bake table saves her all of the broken cookies and squashed tarts for her.

Ernest and daughter

Ernest is military man, retired now of course but still pretty rigid and is happy living alone.He wears his medals with pride and loves to talk about past adventures. His daughter is home for the holidays. It is hard to see Ernest's little Scottie dog at his feet, they are constant companions

That is all the photos of My Miniature Market, for now anyway. Like my doll house the market is never really finished.I have had so much fun creating the market, I have used so many hints and tricks as I learned along the way.

I want to say Thank You here to all of the people who have posted tutorials and tips. I couldn't have done this without you.
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