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The Girl's Bedroom

girlsbedroom whole room

The girls bedroom, the room I dreamed of having in my childhood.
.....wow ! I would have loved the dollhouses.

There are 3 tiny dollhouses in this room.


There are 3 tiny dollhouses in this room.

I think there is room for more :-).

I inserted little lights in 2 of the dollhouses.

When I rewired the dollhouse, after 10 years of darkness, I was absolutely enchanted with the lights. Every night when it got dark, I would turn out the lights and plug in the dollhouse, and sit there just looking at it.

tiny dollhouse dolls

The little dolls on the bed and chair are from the cake decorating shop, a good place to find inexpensive minis. I added the hair and the dresses.
The little girl in the photo is my daughter when she was about 2.

The Wardrobe

I have made a few clothes for the wardrobe.

So far there is a dress (made from an old hankie), a housecoat, a nightie, and a pants and top outfit.

The little white sneakers come from a Dollar store, they are meant to be a charm for cellphone cases.The slippers and the red shoes are my own creations. The slippers are made from just card stock and 'fluff' from chenille pipe cleaners. The red shoes are made from polymer clay.
You can see the wardrobe with the door in a picture above. I wanted to paint rosebuds around th edge and thought of a good way to make them even. I had some old computer printer paper, you remember the old stuff that you had to rip off the strip with the little holes on each side of the page. I taped the strip on the wardrobe door and a painted inside the hole. I wood say that this is a good hint, but not everybody has old printer paper I am old.



The Wardrobe
armoire containing miniature toys
I thought this was an armoire when I received it for Christmas a few years ago.I have always used it as bedroom furniture. More recently I have seen it listed on ebay as a kitchen piece. There is no room in the kitchen for it, so it is still a bedroom piece to me.

The wallpaper for the girl's bedroom is can be
can be found on my wallpaper printables website



The Master Bedroom

I wish that the curtains had shown better in the photograph.
They are made from very old lace. My cousin, Diane, gave me the lace
years ago. I was afraid to cut into before, in case I messed up
and ruined it. I finally took the plunge and the lace curtains look
so pretty. I had enough left to also use it on the bedskirt.

Back of bedroom

The framed photos on the vanity [right]are of Mum and Dad. The tiny bone china flower 'ornaments' used to be my Mum's earrings. The African violet I made out of polymer clay, the flower pot is another thimble from my Mum's collection.
Every Mother's Day, I gave my Mum violets.


I used to have these accessories on the taller dresser When I got the new little vanity, I moved the taller dresser to the back of the dollhouse bedroom, leaving the photos of my parents as they were. Strangely, every time I looked into the room, the photo of Mum was on the floor. After this happened about a dozen times, I decided that Mum didn't like being in the back of the room so I moved the pieces to the new vanity dresser, and have had no more problems.

Another strange happening in the Dollhouse Master Bedroom

I dressed the dollhouse beds as part of the 2008 dollhouse renovations. The master bedroom bed was tricky because I had to match an orange and navy blue rug. I eventually found some orangey silk for the bedspread (See picture below left), however there was something missing, it was too plain, and I couldn't find a solution to that for several weeks.
I inherited all of my Mum's sewing supplies, Mum never threw out anything that might be reused, so there are all sorts of lace pieces, trim and appliqué's stored in a shoe box. I searched this shoe box over and over , looking for something suitable to dress up the bedspread. I couldn't find a thing.

I don't like working in a mess, so it is my habit to tidy up my craft room every evening. One morning when I entered the craft room, there on the sewing desk was a small crocheted butterfly with double layered wings, I had not seen it since I was a child, but I remembered it instantly.
The butterfly was made into a brooch, the starched two layers of wings sat right up, my Mum used to wear this brooch on the collar of a navy and white polka dot dress, ever so many years ago. It was perfect for the dollhouse bedspread.(See picture below right). I wasted no time putting it on there.

How did the butterfly brooch get on the sewing desk?
I have two theories. The first is that the crocheted butterfly brooch fell out when I was searching through the shoe box and I just never noticed it when I cleaned up. While it is quite plausible that the butterfly brooch fell out, I just can't imagine that I didn't notice it . The sewing machine is the only item that sits on the desk, nothing else in the room was untidy.
My other theory is that Mum did it!
I thought this immediately, I could feel my Mum getting exasperated with me when I missed seeing it in the shoebox time after time.
You may think that I am being fanciful and silly to think that my mother's 'spirit' can visit, that she can actually move things. I am usually a very logical person and believing this is completely unscientific.
Maybe that is so, but I feel so comforted.

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brass bed

This is the back of the master bedroom.

The photograph on the wall is of my maternal Grandmother.

The wallpaper for the master bedroom can be found on my wallpaper printables website.

The Dollhouse Bathroom


The Bathroom

The bathroom is the only room that didn't get a facelift as part of the 2008 dollhouse renovation.

I had the bathtub, toilet and sink for years before I had a dollhouse house to put it in.

It's quite strange really, this house seems to have running water in the bathroom and an old fashioned pump in the kitchen.


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