My Miniature Market
The Butcher's Stall

The Butcher stall

Oscar the Butcher

The Butcher, Oscar, is having a busy day, he is almost sold out of turkeys. I loved making the meat,it is all made from polymer clay.
The weigh scales are made from a key, some beads, some buttons and some chain and lots of glue..

hangiing meat at butcher stall

It was a challenge to make the meat. As a child I used to go to to a butcher shop with my Mum, since then I have been buying most meat at the supermarket all wrapped up in neat packages.

A selection of polymer clay meat
A selection of meat and sausages.
I needed plates for the meat so I popped out the liner inside of the lids on many pill bottles. I am hoping that it looks like frosted glass

Margaret maarket customer
This is Margaret. My little sweetie. She is a tiny
doll and one of my first, actually the first female doll that I made specifically for the market. She isn't based on any one, she just sort of emerged out of the clay. You can tell by her face that she a humble soul.

Dr and wife

Alan andBarbara Painter don't normally come the market as their cook usually does all the shopping. Today they have come to see their daughter perform with the other carol singers.Mr Alan Painter is the editor of the local newspaper. He works long hours so it is nice to see him taking some time to relax

shy ladies
Here we have a couple of shy ladies, Susie, the kitchen maid from the big house, flatly refused to turn around.She said her hair is a mess and she doesn't appreciate someone taking her photograph without asking permission. Can't say I blame her.Meanwhile,shy Mrs Daisy Banks quickly turned around when she spotted the camera, but she was happy to model her new grey hat for us.


My Miniature Market
The Book Table

There are more than 100 books on or around the book table, as well as prints and maps.The books are made from printed miniature book covers which were cut out and made into these tiny wee books. The prints were made BI, [Before Internet], and come from the back of a calendar which featured Impressionist Art. The maps were made BI also and were cut out from National Geographic.

Donald and Vincent dolls
The book table is run by these two red heads, Theodore and his brother Vincent. They have been selling books at the market since they were teenagers.While the brothers are always at the market together,Theodore, sitting at the left, is the more gregarious of the pair, he enjoys chatting with customers and having a laugh.
Vincent, on the other hand, always seems a bit morose and keeps to himself. Actually he would probably much rather be painting pictures.


The book table

A closer look at the book table.

scene with artful dodger and sherlock holmes

This scene appeals to my sense of humor. First of all having characters from two separate books is fun, then having the famous detective's watch stolen by the lowly Artful Dodger tickles me. I made the Sherlock Holmes doll when I came across this tiny houndstooth check fabric. The Artful Dodger and Fagan came later, Dodger is a favourite Dicken's character.

Artful Dodger

The Artful Dodger from Oliver Twist


Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes
British Bobby
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