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The Carol Singers

Carole Singers
The Carol Singers are at the Miniature Market every year at Christmas. They sing to raise money for the poor. The group changes from year to year and anyone is welcome to join in. Let me introduce them all to you.
Jeffry Caroller

Mr Jeffrey, who is a lawyer, has a wonderful deep voice and is a welcome addition to any choral group.

Abigail caroller

Abigail sings soprano. She fancies herself to be
the most accomplished singer in the group, just
between you and me, that is debatable

Miss Gill caroller

It can be said that Miss Ada Gill is the backbone of the singing group. She is a retired school teacher, it is she who organizes the rehearsals and makes sure that everyone shows up on time.

Miss Gill is named for a school teacher I had from age 9 to 11. She had a very positive influence on me in so many ways.
I remember that she gave myself and another girl real clay to model with, while the other girls in the class got only plasticine. Perhaps she saw something in me that I didn't. I wasn't to pick up any clay again until I was in my mid-fifties

Dr Barker fiddle player

Doctor Barker is well liked by everyone in the community
He would like to retire but there is no new doctor to replace him. He has been playing the violin since he was a boy.

The Dr Barker doll is modeled on the doctor I had as a child, way back when they made house calls. I was a sickly child so I knew him well loved him, especially since he was credited for saving my life.It seems idyllic now to think that the Doctor visited everyday when someone was sick and often took the time to stay for a cup of tea and chat with my Mum and Dad.

Terrence Caroller

Terence tries valiantly to keep the right beat on his drum, it is the first year that he has been old enough to perform with the choir. He takes his role in the choral group very seriously.

Caroline Caroler

Young Caroline is turning 13 next month. She is very pleased to have a new outfit to wear this Christmas. .
I used a babies velvety dress to make this outfit. The fabric is lightweight but looks like velvet. Baby clothes are often the source of fabric for dressing miniature people.

My Miniature Market
The Toy Stall

The Toy Stall
The Toy Stall at the Miniature Market
Little Liam is very interested in the toy ship that Mr Nielsen is holding.
This stall is brimming with toys, there are dolls, doll houses, teddies,
toy trains and toy boats, blocks and more


Little Liam

Little Liam seems to be enchanted with the model ship.I came upon the little ships at a discount store in my home town, there was a good selection and very inexpensive.They came in glass cases which I had to smash to to get them out. The ships are made from wood and paper and are quite exquisite. Probably my 'Best Buy Ever' when it comes to purchasing miniatures.

Mr Nielson

I named the toy stall owner Mr Nielsen to honor a man I knew many years ago, long before the Internet existed.
Mr Nielsen sold dollhouse items at our local Sunday Flea market. I live in Ontario Canada and doll's house shops were non existent, Mr Nielsen was my only life line to the miniature world.


This is Claude, he doesn't have a stall at the Miniature Market, he just shows up sometimes to try to sell a few paintings.He seems to like painting water lilies a lot these days

Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood sells eggs at the Market on Saturdays. Her trusty hero the woodcutter, who rescued her from that horrid wolf, also frequents the market on Saturdays. Here he is,he always happy to see her. People are starting to think that he sweet on her. Red Riding Hood, is very shy she keeps her eyes lowered but she is smiling.

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