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On this page you will see behind the scenes of the Miniature Market
First the difficulty of taking the photographs, not my forte.
Next if anyone is interested I have posted some photos of my workroom.

The Challenges of Photographing the Miniature Market

For me taking photographs of the Miniature Market was not an easy task. I know nothing about lighting etc and without a digital camera I couldn't have had any success at all.

Here is a picture of all the market people, they are lined up waiting for their pictures to be taken.
I can't see Dodger anywhere, he is probably up to no good.


It was not only the camera work and lighting that made taking photographs a challenge. There was one other obstacle, the doll destroyers who live with me. Their mug shot is below.

Tim and Simon
Oh yes I know, they look innocent enough, and I must say they are charming most of the time. However, they have a dark side, they are maimers and murderers of miniature clay dolls.
I can't turn my back for a minute when I am working with dolls.They can chew off a hand or foot in seconds.


My Workroom
Otherwise known as my happy place.
It is not fancy but i is very efficient and I feel so lucky to have all this space. It is really amazing that it takes so much stuff to make such small objects.

I have spare bedroom in my old house which I converted into my work room. The work counter is just made from some shelving, it is quite large, a single bed fits into that alcove. You can see my little TV which keeps me in touch with reality while my head is filled with minis.
Under the work counter I have Rubbermaid bins filled with fabrics and other supplies.
You can see the corner of my sewing desk. Above the desk is a wall mounted cupboard which holds all of my bottles of paint.



I have a large mirror behind the work counter, you can see a reflection of my dollhouse and a reflection of me taking the photo.
The mirror reflects the light giving me a brighter place to work.
I almost always stand when I work, I noticed one day that when I cut out a tiny circle, I turn in a complete circle myself.

The round piece of glass on the counter is from an old table, it makes a good surface to work on and is easy to clean.


I took these photographs when I was working on my dollhouse. I replaced the front of it , it usually sits on the tallboy dresser beside the table, away from the cats.
The table is normally placed right in front of the window where I can get the natural light.

The dresser holds some miniature paper products as well as my non-minature gift wrap and bows.

I find when writing e-mails to other miniaturists, that I often use words like non-miniature or real-sized to avoid confusion. Recently I found myself referring to my friends who are not into dollhouses or miniatures as
''my real size friends''.


My main supplies are on the bookshelf. I am one of those 'Out of sight out of mind, out of mind people.' so I love see through containers. Most of the plastic shoe boxes contain fabrics sorted and labelled by type, silk, cotton, velvety etc.
On the top shelf are glass jars. The largest jar holds buttons,mine my mothers and my grandmothers, I love how they look. Other jars hold other miniature supplies. I acquired these jars after friends saw that I had made a little doll baking cookies which I kept in a glass cookie jar.My well meaning friends gave me some more glass jars, not knowing that they weren't suitable to put dolls in. I found a great use for them anyway .

I love spending time in my workroom especially if I am lucky enough to have a whole day to work on my dollhouse or my miniature market

Thanks for visiting, don't be a stranger, drop by again.

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